Stomping out from Sheffield’s industrial jungle, FloodHounds deliver intense, tight, rabble-rousing live shows. Pair this with startlingly jagged guitars and unexpected distorted harmonica side-swipes, set against uplifting lyrical ear candy and you have instantly catchy, powerful tunes.  

Since new bass player Joel Hughes joined Guitarist Jack Flynn and Drummer Lauren Greaves in early 2018, the trio have been selling out headlines in London and Sheffield and playing packed supports for the likes of The Blinders, Calva Louise, False Heads, BlackWaters, Avalanche Party and Demob Happy.

FloodHounds have been going from strength to strength rounding off 2018 with a debut international gig at iconic Parisian venue Supersonic, and kicking off 2019 with a fantastic sold out hometown show alongside BlackWaters & Avalanche Party.

Championed by BBC Introducing Sheffield, and winners of Pirate Studios’ National apply to play competition, joint winners of Sensoria Festival’s Composition award, presented to the band by Steel City musical icon,
Richard Hawley.

Gigslutz called FloodHounds latest release, ‘Take It Too Far’  a “psychedelia-packed beast of a tune”.
It’s the first of four new tracks from FloodHounds forthcoming EP, due out early 2019.


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“A DIY assault of brash riffs and a nastily menacing guitar, this three piece messily blend garage rock with bluesy indie rock, a fast paced bite of dark grungy energy layered over their sound. They have a thunderous sound, one which is a uniquely eclectic fusion of genres”  - Indie Underground Blog / Some Might Say Zine

A riff laden, rock heavy, psychedelia packed beast of a tune” - Gigslutz / This Feeling Track Of The Day

Floodhounds bring more than just a raw edge to their music. The band come through with a superior knack for writing a catchy hook and immersing it into a darker soundscape – ‘Stepping Stone’ is nothing less than a showcase of the bands immense and dynamic songwriting ability.” - Yack Magazine

“This band are a must for anyone that likes riff-heavy psychedelia ‘Take It Too Far’ is a slamming blend of Oasis and Black Sabbath” - Ireland’s Hot Press Magazine (Hot for 2019 List)

“This three-piece from England is tighter than tupperware with catchy hooks, guitar mastery and an absolute machine gun of a drummer, ripping snare bullets at anyone in her way. Its rare that vocals are not the centrepiece of a gig. This band’s energy comes from the frontman's orbit around the drummer, with a red hot bassist to mop it all up” - Paris Supernova review of our gig at Supersonic in Paris

I knew Saturday’s sold-out gig was set to be a good’un the minute I entered the venue. FloodHounds immediately enraptured the venue with the first track ‘Wide Awake’. Some riveting debuts of new material appeared to down well with the old (and new) fans; lucky enough to witness this brilliant show from a great up-and-coming band.”
- Words for Music Review of our sold out show with BlackWaters & Avalanche Party

“A thunderous, delightfully messy mix of indie, garage-rock, blues and grunge” - Pirate Studios

“It is a fantastic song that gets into the blood and stays with you. The trio are among the most solid and fascinating around and you would do well to follow what they do.” - Music Musings and Such Blog

“Go see them live, they’re one of the finest bands this city has produced and I cannot recommend their live performance highly enough. Caught them at Tramlines Festival - absolutely on form!”  - BBC Introducing Sheffield’s host Christian Carlisle, a consistent supporter, said as FloodHounds made his Top 30 Tracks of the year

"The frontman’s riffing mastery of a single guitar introduces hints of genius, whilst tracks such as ‘Cold Air’ and ‘The Fear’ possess basslines that Nick O’Malley would pay bottom dollar for. And it’s about time we had another female drummer on the scene." - Exposed Magazine

FloodHounds are; “Raw, plucky, spirited and confident, basically everything you could ever wish for from a young UK breakthrough group,” - Record of the Day

“lyrically wonderful progressive rock that has an element of charm. You'll be hard pushed to find many better examples doing the rounds.” - It's All Indie Blog

FloodHounds are masterful when it comes to crafting loveable anthems and music that gets straight into the head. FloodHounds show they have depth and are capable of presenting something quite emotive and revealing without crowding it with noise and anger."Music Musings and Such Blog

“A riptide of swelling vibrations and harmonising melodies, drums thunder, and bass echoes, the vocals climb into the ring as sweet as honey, but ready to land a knockout punch. This EP genuinely impressed me, and FloodHounds are certainly a diamond in the rough of the South Yorkshire music scene.”Reyt Good Music Magazine

"Not your average band! A very well gelled band with loads of character to match. VERY atmospheric, lots of ’70s’ melodies, almost ‘shoegaze’ in parts, but definitely has a kick to it. Each riff a startling compliment on the last."Northern Exposure


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